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31.05.2011 20:30 - Metal Museum 5, Gothic Metal
Автор: gothic Категория: Музика   
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15. SHADOWCAST - Mass-Placebo (from Near Life Experience - 2003)




so here"s another senseless story
without exit or hope & without any glory
come along & I will pull you down
to the center of redemption or the toxic crown
tell me what you are waiting for & tell me what you are crying for
this is - where we are from, this is - where we belong
there are things you might ignore & there are things you might explore
entering the welkin" dying puppet throne

you keep on asking, you keep on yearning for more
you keep on talking & there are things for you to score
you get another chance, within your stupid trance
surrounding is the interface, searching for some outer grace
the toxic command, the inner remnant
there is nothing left for you to self-refrain

come on take it to another end - the freedom of our blend
come on take it somehow higher now - & you will understand
it"s an illusion of a dying plan - the failure to expand
cause you keep on trembling - the way you"ll find an end

the mass-placebo

use your senses, rely on expenses
pattern chain moving & arpeggio grooving
killing joke or silent moving
infinity, reality, what are they doing?
it"s a newly spinning universe, the center of some blind remorse
will the future plead for love/hate as seed
world"s a hateful spinning course, just try to find your war-resource
down on your knees - a fictive bet you"ll need

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